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Our Vision

Women Veterans are visible, recognized and appreciated for their service and the sacrifices they made on behalf of our country.


Our Mission

We are Women Veterans working toward increasing our visibility through education and participation with other groups.

We foster camaraderie through social and community activities and events.

We enrich the lives of our members and others in our community through our wellness programs, volunteer service and financial support.

Guiding Principles

  • Patriotism - We are proud of our country and not ashamed to show it.

  • Respect - We are a diverse group that treats each other with love and values each other's service.

  • Service - We seek opportunities to serve others.

  • Partnership - We look for ways to reach out to other groups with similar interest.

  • Camaraderie - We are the "connection" that was lost post retirement by connecting back with other women veterans in the community.  Our primary objective is to make friends and have fun!

  • Fiscal Responsibility - Everything we do, we do in a fiscally responsible manner.

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Tri-County Women Veterans, Inc.

Marion, Lake, & Sumter Counties

2508 Burnsed Blvd, STE 203

The Villages, FL 32163


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President - Betsy Nolan

First VP - Angie Flynn     S
econd VP - Flo Hurlburt   Third VP - Joan Suelter

Secretary - Kelly Dobson

Treasurer - Deni Elwood

Color Guard Commander - Peggy Campbell

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